Join the HD Players Group with Ted Yoder

Feeling stuck and alone on your dulcimer journey?

Join me and my friends for a fun learning experience with your hammered dulcimer. I will be producing video lessons continually and for one low monthly subscription you get access to ALL of them. :) (There are currently over 15 lessons to get you started. More will be added as we progress.)

The methods I use to teach are the ones that helped me most in my growth as a player. In 2008 as a busy dad with kids I learned to improve by committing to practice on my instrument just 15 minutes every day. When I went to the National Hammered Dulcimer Competition just two year and a half years later- I won! Trust me, if you want to get better, you can!

The lessons here are easy to watch and learn from, even if you only have 10 minutes of spare time. Give yourself the gift of becoming the fluid player you long to be... I can't wait to see what you can do!



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